Board of Directors

The organization is run by a Board of Directors and officers are elected annually.
Current Board of Directors  

 Kenneth Obendorf           Mike Faivre
Betty Obendorf                 Donna Peugh
 Bill Wragg                          Bob Heath
 Ted Boddiger                    Ed Olsen
Current Officers 
President:              Mike Faivre
Vice President      Betty Obendorf
Secretary:              Donna Peugh
Treasurer:              Ed Olsen  
About Us  
About the Historical Society
The Polo Historical Society is a not-for-profit "privately owned" organization founded in 1981. The society is dedicated to the preservation of memorabilia; oral, photographic, and written histories; and structures and property of significance to the development of Polo, Buffalo Grove, and their surrounding area. The Historical Society currently owns the following properties: Aplington House, Burns House, Campbell Law Offices, Henry School south of Polo, and the Lime Kiln west of Polo.